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I actually can’t believe I am writing a second blog post in just over a week. Many times I have had such good intentions to keep you updated with what’s going on but I just couldn’t keep up. So this is me hoping I can keep up with what I will call writing my thoughts rather than ‘blogging’, I feel I’m not worthy of that term.

It’s been so long since I wrote anything about me, so I think that’s a good place to start, if you fancy a read.

I’m Ali, well actually I’m Alexandra but most people call me Ali, Al or more recently mummy! Firstly, so nice to meet you, thanks so much for being here, and for taking time to sit/stand or whatever you are doing in order to read my ramblings.

I’ve just recently turned 29, been married to Dave for over 4 years, together for over 8 years and we have a little boy called Seth, who will be 2 in just over a weeks time. Which is crazy! I was looking for photo’s to put in this post and came across video’s of Seth when he was a little baby, which really isn’t that long ago, but just made me realise how quickly things change. And also slightly emotional and dare I say broody! Continue reading Me