On a windy day, many Northern Irish people will comment, “It would blow you away out there”! I feel like Seth and I experienced this today. I have NEVER held on to his pram so tightly before. The fear of the pram tipping and the look on Seth’s face every time a gust of wind came and seemed to take his breath away, we decided to turn back and head for home, this stormy day was just to much for us!

As I walked/quick marched (haha) home, and held on to the handles as tight as I could, trying to protect my baby, a little thought popped into my head, I feel God gave me this analogy to share. Today, storms may be all around you, and you feel you can’t cope, you wish you could turn back. But please know this, just as I held on to my child tightly, your father, God, is holding on to you. He’s holding on to you as tight as he can, he’ll get you through the storm. It may not be today or even tomorrow and he may have to hold you for a long time before you reach your hands back out to him, but HE is holding on.


Please know this today, He’s got you, have faith!

Be blessed!

Ali xo26