Life as a new mum running my own business just seems so busy! I feel like the months are just flying by. Seth is almost 6 months and we have started weaning him, which is great fun! But lately I have been feeling so uninspired, probably due to having only a few hours in the day to get some work done, and being up 3 times a night to feed, doesn’t give you a very active mind during the day. At Ali Marriott, most of what I design and create is inspired by the word of God but becoming new parents we found that our time was taken up with Seth that we neglected to spend proper time with the One who gave us our beautiful son. We’ve been really challenged by this.
Dave & I first began our relationship by watching Louie Giglio’s dvd’s, his talks on creation and his passion to see young people come to know God, amazing! So as I watched Passion 2016 online and listened to some of the talks, Christine Caine (founder of the A21 campaign) preached at one of the sessions. As I listened to her talk I heard two things, as if they were aimed at me, here they are; “STOP wasting your time, watching rubbish on tv”, and “Mediate on the word of God day & night”. WOW! If I was looking for God to speak to me and inspire me, I had to stop wasting my time in front of the TV and start mediating on his word day & night!  I have been so challenged by these statements, and daily I am choosing, with His strength, to spend time with God. I don’t know about you but I feel a bit rubbish about myself sometimes when I read other blogs, especially those in business, because I read there blog and think they must have it all together, but social media is so deceiving, every one has there struggles. Believe me, if they haven’t yet, they are coming! So here I am baring my heart to you, whoever you are reading my little thoughts, telling you that I struggle a lot, I sometimes don’t have my priorities right but I am learning daily, just as you are too. Suppose this is why the bible tells us to encourage one another along the way and carry each others burdens. Maybe a wee challenge for us girls (or guys if you read this) is to ask our friends, how they are doing not just physically but spiritually. In Northern Ireland, we all seem to be ‘fine’, but don’t settle for that!
So looking for inspiration like me, or feeling a bit deflated, then spend time with the ultimate designer and creator, the God that created the world and created you & me! How wonderful!
Ali xo