On Saturday I was out with friends, celebrating our lovely friend who is about to have her 2nd little one, when a friend said she was on my blog & she noticed I post very little! It’s TRUE! It was my intention to post monthly, but that kinda didn’t happen, so I hope to update it a little more than I do! Being a mummy now and also running two businesses I will do my best to make the time! As I would love to share bits & pieces about Ali Marriott and what we get up to.

One of the reasons I started Ali Marriott was that I felt God led me to this verse: 1 Thessalonians 4:18 -Therefore encourage one another with these words. So that’s what I do my best to do daily, encourage others with the words from the one who loves us most. And that’s why I design my products, to enable me, as well as you to share God’s message in a caring and loving way. Today’s challenge to me & you, let’s try to encourage someone, maybe even someone that annoys or irritates you, really challenge yourself, to think of something lovely about them, try to see them through the eyes of our father! If you’ve found great ways to encourage someone or maybe you’ve used our products to do this, leave a wee comment below we’d love to hear!

We are so delighted that a few Ladies, Church and Children’s groups are purchasing our products to give as gifts! We offer discounts to those groups so that we can help you out. If you would like to order any of our gifts for your church group, please get in touch by sending us a wee email to info@alimarriott.co.uk

Be blessed!

Ali x