Hold on to Hope Lanyard (SECONDS) – Slight imperfections

£ 2.50

These SECOND’s hold on to hope lanyards have small imperfections, such as slight pale colouring on 1 or 2 rainbows, or hold on to hope double printed. All imperfections are small and generally only in one area. These items cannot be refunded, they are reduced in price because of their imperfections. Every lanyard is fully functional, it’s only the print design that has an imperfection.



We have a small quantity of Hold on to Hope Rainbow lanyards with imperfections on them. Every lanyards imperfection is different, for example, a slightly faded rainbow or a double printed “hold on to hope”. Every lanyard is still fully functional, the imperfections are with the printed design.

We cannot except any returns of these products and you are buying them at a reduced price due to the printing imperfections.

Lanyard length 45cm


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